Current Vanpool Groups

Coming fromGoing to# available seats
Rotterdam/SchenectadyWatervliet Arsenal1
Fort EdwardWatervliet Arsenal0; van could be upgraded
Milton Town HallWatervliet Arsenal1
Cambridge/BuskirkWatervliet Arsenal1
Porter CornersWatervliet Arsenal1
Broadalbin/JohnstownWatervliet Arsenal4
Schuylerville/N'Way Exit 16Scotia (Stratton Air National Guard Base)3
DelmarScotia (Stratton Air National Guard Base)1
Hoosick FallsWatervliet Arsenal1
LathamScotia (Stratton Air National Guard Base)2
CambridgeWatervliet Arsenal2
PetersburgWatervliet Arsenal0; van could be upgraded
GreenwichWatervliet Arsenal2

Updated June 14, 2017