What if I need a ride home in an emergency?

The Guaranteed Ride Home program provides a free taxi ride home in the event of an emergency.  You’re eligible if you walk, bike, scooter, carpool, vanpool, or take a bus to work at least twice a week.

What are the red and silver bus stops on NY Route 5?

These are BusPlus “stations” and there are only 18 of them, between Albany and Schenectady. This means the BusPlus bus (Route #905) is faster than previous service along the corridor. BusPlus has wireless internet, priority at major intersections, and real-time information signs showing the arrival time of the next bus.

How much does it cost to join iPool2?

Nothing – it’s free, including for employers.

What’s the difference between iPool2 and 511NY Rideshare?

iPool2 is the Capital Region’s ridematching platform – a place to find carpool and vanpool partners. 511NY provides various travel information in New York State. Starting around 2013, this included a ridematching platform as well. Starting in 2014, the Capital Region merged its iPool2 system into the 511 ridematching system. This allows searching between systems, for more potential matches.

What’s with CDTA’s numbering system? IS it a system?

The system is this: 1 or 2-digit (blue) route numbers are trunk routes, with frequent service. 3-digit route numbers are neighborhood (green) or express (gold) routes, with less frequent service. The first digit stands for the county: 1 is Albany, 2 is Rensselaer, 3 is Schenectady, 4 is Saratoga, 5 is used for express routes, and 9 is for BusPlus.

Why does CDTA “restructure” the bus routes?

In short, to better align service with demand – the CDTA website says, “to better connect customers with jobs, health care services, and major destinations.” The Schenectady County restructuring plan from 2010 was revenue neutral, and yet the result was an increase in the number of riders! The first part of Albany’s restructuring started in November 2011, and the last part of the plan was implemented in November 2012.

What if I want to take a private express carrier into Albany to work, but the bus doesn’t stop exactly where I work?

Many private carriers stop near CDTA bus stops for convenient transfers.

Does my CDTA bus pass provide any parking benefits?

No, at this time the CDTA bus passes do not provide any parking benefits.