For Employers

Support your employees with numerous transportation options.

Benefits include:


  • Improved retention and recruitment
  • Enhanced productivity
  • Potential tax savings
  • Reduced demand for employee parking
  • Recognition as an environmental leader


  • Lower car expense
  • More savings
  • Less stress
  • Safer commuting
  • Emergency guaranteed ride home

Employee Transportation Coordinator

The most effective employer transportation programs begin with commitment from all management levels and departments within the organization.  Once designated, an Employee Transportation Coordinator (ETC) begins with a review of resources available to your company or location.  This can include infrastructure such as designated carpool and vanpool parking, bike racks, showers for employees who walk or run to work, walking or biking paths, sidewalks for pedestrians, bus stops, and bus stop amenities such as shelters, benches, lights, and trash bins.

The (ETC) then serves as a go-to point for employee transportation questions, and can help set employer-wide goals, such as the percent of employees who will walk or take transit within a year.

Measuring those goals is easy in the Capital Region, with the iPool2 software.  Employers can create their own “homepages”, customizable for commute notices, promotions, challenges, or surveys. An ETC can download daily, weekly, or monthly reports that indicate how many employees participate, what their mode choice is, and their aggregated emission reductions. Comprehensive reports for compressed workweeks, flexible schedules, telecommuting, and bus or vanpool use as well. Don’t forget about Guaranteed Ride Home!

Local Transit

CDTA’s Corporate Swiper Program provides discounts on bus pass purchases for orders of at least 5.  Large orders of at least 100 passes receive a 10% discount.  Employers can pay for their employees to commute by transit or vanpool, with a tax-free transportation benefit of up to $230/month.  Employers get a tax deduction for the expense, and have found that the benefit offers significant savings over offering the equivalent dollar value to employees in the form of a salary increase.  Federal tax law also allows employees to exchange up to $230/month of their taxable salary for a taxfree transit or vanpool benefit, saving both employer and employee on taxes.


Employers can support ridesharing (carpool and vanpool) by providing a resource for employees to find rideshare partners – iPool2!  The site has almost 1,500 registrants. With an employer module, employees have the option to search for carpool matches only within the company.

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